Ordinary People


Chantaiman / 陳大文 / 摇滚 / 2014-12-23


This album is a celebration of reality and dreams, of lust and love, of fear and courage, of defeat and victory.
Formed in 2010 in Hong Kong, Chantaiman's sound is a blend of britpop and post-punk, which has earned them comparisons to Interpol, Blur, The xx, and Embrace.

Ordinary People的曲目列表

1.Wait For The Sun 02:45
2.Need Nobody 03:54
3.Headshot 03:24
4.Losing All For Love 03:40
5.No Surprise 02:14
6.Run 03:46
7.Backwater 05:03
8.Shut Up And Keep Talking 05:22
9.Island 03:19
10.I.B.R.E. 04:45
11.Ordinary People 04:00

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