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Tomorrow We Sail / 摇滚 / 2015-03-23


Following the release of their debut album, For Those Who Caught The Sun In Flight, in February 2014 Tomorrow We Sail return with the release of Saturn - a collaboration with historian, poet, and occultist Alexander Cummins.
The piece takes as its focus the practice of Renaissance astrological magic – which heavily informed the medicine and psychiatry of the era – in which a planet (often in the form of its deity namesake) is petitioned to avoid, counter or master the conditions, imbalances, and passions that it is thought to rule.
Saturn is regarded as the heavy and leaden ruler of melancholy and sorrow: in appeasing Saturn such sadnesses could be remedied, both in oneself and others. As such, the spoken components of the piece are taken from a variety of grimoires, kabbalistic texts, and popular astrological handbooks: ranging from lists of names of Saturnine spirits to litanies of the kinds of people and plants possessing Saturnine virtues.
The semi-improvisational piece, recorded live in a single day, sees Tomorrow We Sail exploring their most ambient side to-date; fusing Cummins' spoken word with a richly layered instrumental backdrop to create a sprawling 20-minute movement.
This digital-only release will be available to purchase from our bandcamp page from March 23rd and you can stream an except below.








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