California Nights

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Best Coast / 摇滚 / 2015-05-05


Best Coast are back with a new album following their 2013 Fade Away EP and their 2012 album The Only Place. It's called California Nigh ts and it's out May 5 on Harvest.
Speaking about the album, which will be released via Virgin EMI and was produced by Wally Gagel (Miley Cyrus, New Order, Muse), Bethany Cosentino of the band says: "If you have ever lived in California, you know what nighttime here feels like. You know what the sky looks like when those epic sunsets begin, and you understand that feeling and the way things change when the sun finally sets. In LA, or maybe just personally to me, when the sun sets - I feel like there is a large sense of calmness in the air, and I feel like everything that happened to me prior in the day, whether crappy experiences or good ones, at night, it all goes away and I sink deep into this different kind of 'world.'"
"It also ties in with the idea that, in LA, there’s a real darkness that you don't see unless you know where to look. That’s a theme we very consciously decided to explore and play with when making this record. We related to the idea that things may LOOK or SOUND fun and upbeat, but they may not actually always BE that way - much like our songs. A lot of the writing for this record consisted of me getting to know myself again and remembering where Bethany ended and Best Coast began. I took a much needed step back and I was able to breathe deep for a moment and really focus on what I was doing."
"The end result of all of that, is California Nights. It's about a journey, accepting the things you have no control over; it’s about dealing with life like an adult, and at the end of the day, reminding yourself that there really is no reason to be sad, and you have every right to feel okay"
The band released a statement about the release earlier this month, stating: "Been keeping this secret long enough but it's finally time to share it – thrilled to announce our third album 'California Nights' is coming out."
Previously, the band had revealed that the new LP has been inspired by the music of Gwen Stefani, The Go-Gos and Sugar Ray, as well as rapper Drake.

California Nights的曲目列表

'Feeling OK'
'Fine Without You'
'Heaven Sent'
'In My Eyes'
'So Unaware'
'When Will I Change'
'California Nights'
'Fading Fast'
'Run Through My Head'
'Sleep Won’t Ever Come'
'Wasted Time'

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