Danger in the Club

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Palma Violets / 摇滚 / 2015-05-04


The follow-up to Palma Violets’ beloved 2013 debut, Danger In The Club was produced by John Leckie (Stone Roses, Radiohead, The Fall) and recorded at The Doghouse Studios in Wales. While it certainly trades on the primal and joyous hook-laden rock of their debut, Danger In The Club finds the band with a new sonic looseness, revealing far more expansive influences than the still-quite-young quartet had on their debut.

This is the sound of a preternaturally talented group of musicians and songwriters continuing to develop, while keeping their focus squarely on the type of well-crafted, singalong anthems that have earned them the adoration of fans and critics.

Speaking about the new album, bassist and singer Chilli Jesson explains:
“We wanted to make a young-sounding record. We listened to a lot of pre-punk while we were making the album. We like its rawness and simplicity. A lot of bands want to over-complicate their second album, we know that we didn’t.”

Danger in the Club的曲目列表

1. Sweet Violets
2. Hollywood (I Got It)
3. Girl, you couldn’t do much better on the beach
4. Danger in the Club
5. Coming Over to My Place
6. Secrets of America
7. The Jacket Song
8. Matador
9. Gout! Gang! Go!
10. Walking Home
11. Peter and the Gun
12. No Money Honey
13. English Tongue
Bonus tracks (on LP download coupon)
1. 5 Gold Rings
2. Man is asleep
3. In the rain
4. Scandal

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