How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

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Florence + The Machine / 摇滚 / 2015-06-01


How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’ is the brand new album from Brit and Grammy Award winning multi-platinum selling musical artist Flore nce + The Machine. , a collection of songs, written and recorded over the past 12 months. Produced by Markus Dravs (Björk, Arcade Fire, Coldplay) the third album by Florence & The Machine is live-sounding, tune-rich, unhinged in all the right places and powerful in all the best ways. In voice and, ultimately, outlook Florence has never sounded better.
In a press release, Florence said:
I guess although I’ve always dealt in fantasy and metaphor when I came to writing, that meant the songs this time were dealing much more in reality. Ceremonials was so fixated on death and water, and the idea of escape or transcendence through death, but the new album became about trying to learn how live, and how to love in the world rather than trying to escape from it. Which is frightening because I’m not hiding behind anything but it felt like something I had to do.

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Ship To Wreck


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