Beat the Champ

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The Mountain Goats / 摇滚 / 2015-04-07


Beat the Champ is about professional wrestling, which was an avenue of escape for me when I was a kid. Wrestling was low-budget working class entertainment back then, strictly UHF material. It was cheap theater. You had to bring your imagination to the proceedings and you got paid back double. I wrote these songs to re-immerse myself in the blood and fire of the visions that spoke to me as a child, and to see what more there might be in them now that I'm grown.
— John Darnielle, Durham, NC

Beat the Champ的曲目列表

1. "Southwestern Territory" 4:14
2. "The Legend of Chavo Guerrero" 3:00
3. "Foreign Object" 2:51
4. "Animal Mask" 2:54
5. "Choked Out" 1:42
6. "Heel Turn 2" 5:58
7. "Fire Editorial" 3:22
8. "Stabbed to Death Outside San Juan" 3:48
9. "Werewolf Gimmick" 2:34
10. "Luna" 3:27
11. "Unmasked!" 3:28
12. "The Ballad of Bull Ramos" 2:53
13. "Hair Match" 5:40

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