Sunshine Redux

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Jackson Scott / 摇滚 / 2015-04-28


Out of the modern musical abyss comes Jackson Scott, a 22-year-old artist living in Asheville, NC. Finding pure metaphysical euphoria within the depths of cassette recorders and guitar pedals, he enjoys the simple things in life such as playing music with friends and falling into existential voids. After touring extensively in 2013 for his debut album Melbourne, released on Fat Possum Records, Jackson returned home to record an album that he could listen to in absolutely any negative or positive state of mind.
His second album Sunshine Redux is a translation of this paradoxical psyche, a kaleidoscope of sounds ranging from 60’s flower power to 90’s hip-hop production techniques. Veering from nihilistic punk rock explosions to gentle sonic nightmares, it is his most cohesive musical undertaking yet.

Sunshine Redux的曲目列表

1. Woodwork
2. Broken Record Repeat
3. Ripe For Love
4. Steal Me
5. Pacify
6. Save The World
7. Merry Nightmare
8. Dissonance
10. Ripe For Love II

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