Sólo Paraíso The Summer Songs

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Molly Nilsson / 流行 / 2014-07-30


Pop music rarely comes as honest and heartfelt as when delivered by Molly Nilsson. Having traveled around the world singing to the romantic and the doomed, Nilsson found herself in the late Summer of 2014 in Buenos Aires. Inspired by the crumbling landscape and the heavy hearts that populate it, Sólo Paraíso is not only an ode to a specific time and space but a musical novella that meditates on youth, idealism and belonging. The soundtrack to a summer you thought you had when looking over bleached out old photo albums.
As with all Molly Nilsson songs, each of these tracks is bursting with perfect moments. Opener “Summer Cats” sails over sun-kissed piano chords, chasing the sun eternally as it dips over the horizon, while show-stealer “Blue Dollar” draws parallels between the doomed Argentine economy and the failure of a love affair. It’s the most feel-good, romantic peon to an economic downturn you’ll ever hear. As Molly says “why is it so damn easy to break all the things that are so damn difficult to make?”
Using cracked synths, shimmering piano, heat-stroked drum machines and above all her direct, from-the-heart vocal delivery, Nilsson’s songs have never been so precise and on-point. For fellow doomed romantics, Sólo Paraíso is the perfect sound for an imperfect Summer.

Sólo Paraíso The Summer Songs的曲目列表

A1 Summer Cats
A2 Perfect Past
A3 Punks In Paradise
A4 Plaza Italia
B1 Blue Dollar
B2 Máximo Says
B3 Bar Roma
B4 Malaysian Airlines

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