Tracks of My Years

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Bryan Adams / 摇滚 / 2014-09-30


Tracks of My Years is the eleventh studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Bryan Adams. This is the first studio release since 11 in 2008.It is an eclectic mix of songs reflective of the time when rock was played alongside pop, country and R&B, and follows Adams’ acoustic album, 2010’s Bare Bones a release that resulted in sold out shows across Europe, North America, Australia and South Africa.
The track list features 10 covers, including "Lay Lady Lay" (Bob Dylan), "I Can't Stop Loving You" (Ray Charles) and "Any Time At All" (The Beatles). The album also includes an original song written by Adams & Jim Vallance, which was released as the album's first single.
"Making the selection of the songs for the album took a long time," noted Adams. "We recorded all kinds of songs until the songs sort of presented themselves, or sounded different enough from the originals. We did about three months of recording, spread out over the course of two years."

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Any Time At All


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