My Favourite Faded Fantasy

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Damien Rice / 民谣 / 2014-09-09


After an eight-year wait, Irish folk star Damien Rice has finally announced a new studio album. Entitled My Favourite Faded Fantasy, it’s Rice’s third full-length in total and the follow-up to 2006’s 9. Produced by Rick Rubin, the eight-track effort will hit stores on November 11th via Warner Bros Records.
As a first taste, he’s premiered a teaser of the album’s title track. Like most Damien Rice songs, it starts off slow, with the singer cooing over slightly-plucked acoustic guitar notes. Then, after Rice mournfully sings, “I know someone who could play the part, but it wouldn’t be the same,” a blast of strings, backing vocals, and booming drums emerge to make for a moving crescendo. At under two minutes long, even the clip is worth the wait — despite its brevity. Listen in below.——

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