My Favourite Faded Fantasy

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Damien Rice / 民谣 / 2014-11-03


My Favourite Faded Fantasy is Damien Rice’s first collection of material in eight years and was produced by Rick Rubin and Rice himself . It is a selection of songs, which Rice says are “sung straight into the metaphorical mirror.” Intimate, frank and revitalized by making music again, My Favourite Faded Fantasy is a record that accepts one’s faults but also begins, perhaps, to appreciate one’s ability to grow up. The recording process began in Los Angeles and finished up with a cast of friends and local musicians against the stunning backdrop of Reykjavik, Iceland.
Bonus Track “Camarillas” is exclusive to fans who purchase the My Favourite Faded Fantasy wooden box CD

My Favourite Faded Fantasy的曲目列表

1. My Favourite Faded Fantasy
2. It Takes A Lot To Know A Man
3. The Greatest Bastard
4. I Don't Want To Change You
5. Colour Me In
6. The Box
7. Trusty And True
8. Long Long Way

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