Tough Love

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Jessie Ware / 流行 / 2014-10-03


At the beginning of 2014, Jessie Ware returned to the studio to write her second album. Benzel, the production duo composed of London post-bass producer Two Inch Punch and mega-producer Benny Blanco who Ware previously worked with on the single "If You Love Me", are executive producers of her new album.
It has been confirmed that Kid Harpoon, Dave Okumu, Julio Bashmore, Miguel (singer), James Ford (musician), Nineteen85 and Ed Sheeran have also worked on the new album. On 17 July 2014 Jessie Ware posted on her Twitter page that the new album is also called Tough Love, including a picture of the cover art, and has also announced on social media that Tough Love will be released on 6 October.

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Tough Love


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