Meshes of Voice

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Jenny Hval / Susanna Wallumrød / 2014-08-19


Jenny Hval, who released her very good album Innocence is Kinky last year, has teamed up with her fellow Norwegian artist Susanna for a new collaborative album. It's called Meshes of Voice, and it's out August 19 via SusannaSonata.
The album was inspired by the architecture of Antoni Gaudí, bestiaries, and Maya Deren's short experimental film Meshes of the Afternoon. In a statement, Susanna said of their collaboration:
The composing of the music and lyrics for Ladyfest in 2009 turned out to be an exciting exchange of ideas, images and resonance of two very different voices. An exploration in how to melt together and how to cultivate each other's strengths, the result became some sort of a modern fable about human mind and body combined with the mystery of nature, where a black lake both threatens and comforts a feast of beautiful melodies and harmonies to be interrupted by expanding noise and reverb. We meet lust and fear and pondering, milk running down the bones, apples dreaming, and calling of divinities for the truth.

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