Adrian Thaws

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Tricky / 电子 / 2014-09-16


Following the creation of his own False Idols imprint and last year’s album of the same name, Tricky returns in the fall of 2014 with a new studio project that shares the name he was given at birth: Adrian Thaws. “Calling it Adrian Thaws is saying you don’t really know me,” says Tricky of his 11th album. “So many times people have tried to put a finger on me and every album I go to a different place.”
Recorded in Tricky’s home studio in London, Adrian Thaws is a musically adventurous project and collaborators on the album include Francesca Belmonte, Nneka, Mykki Blanco, Bella Gotti, Tirzah, Blue Daisy and Oh Land.

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