Lucy(Soundtrack From the Motion Picture)

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艾瑞克塞拉 Eric Serra / 金牙 Damon Albarn / Crystal Method / 原声 / 2014-07-22

Lucy(Soundtrack From the Motion Picture)的曲目列表

1.Sister Rust
2.First Cells
3.Mr. Wang's Bloody Suite, Pt. 1-4
4.Mr. Wang's Bloody Suite, Pt. 5-7
5.All We Have Done With It
6.Choose To Reproduce
7.Inner Fireworks
8.Lucy Is Going Out, Pt. 1
9.Lucy Is Going Out, Pt. 2
10.Tingjhou Hospital
11.I Feel Everything
12.Mass No. 19 In D Minor, K.626 Requiem: Introitus: Requiem Aeternam
13.Thank You For Sharing
14.Taipei Airport
15.Lucy and the Sniffer Dog
17.Green Beams
18.Single Barrel (Sling the Decks)
19.Pleasant Drive In Paris
20.Sixty Percent Mess
21.Crossing the Goon Sea
22.GPS Control
23.Goons and Guards
24.Time Is Unity
25.Blue Injection
26.Melt Into Matter
27.Flicking Through Time
28.Lucy and Lucy
30.Origin of the World
31.Where Is Lucy?
32.I Am Everywhere

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