Deviant Desires


Friend Or Foe / 摇滚 / 2014-05-23


Deviant Desires is the second all-original, full-length release from Shanghai-based band Friend or Foe. credits released 23 May 2014
Friend or Foe is Rabshaka (Guitar/Lead vocals), Bagy (Bass/Backing Vocals), and Mahanadan (Drums)
All songs written and performed by Friend or Foe
Recorded by Ryan Baird and Nick Muzyczka at 72 Studios
Mixed and mastered by Raphaël Valensi for The Horses at Mini Pony Studio
Album art by Mei Wah
Friend or Foe would like to thank Ivy, Orianna and Rocco, Maja and Emma, Brad Masoni, Fish, Zhang and Lu at Yuyintang, Jake Newby, Mache, 狗伸, Li Wei, The Horde, Stegosaurus?, Round Eye, Iamalam, Thruoutin, Residence A, our groupie Jack, Sacco, Rachel Gouk, Chris, The Spondees, Josh Feola and Morgan, Temple and Dos Kolegas, Dave, Nao Hai, Rachel Gouk, Ivan and Kaine, B.O. and everybody who takes part in and supports live music in Shanghai.

Deviant Desires的曲目列表

01 Into the Void
02 Cravin'
03 Girl
04 Radio Silence
05 Discount Salvation
06 Lockdown
07 Attica!
08 Curfew
09 Do the Math
10 Daddy Issues
11 The Chosen
12 2D Love

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