Broke With Expensive Taste

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Azealia Banks / 说唱 / 2014-11-06


Azealia Banks’ debut Broke With Expensive Taste doesn’t arrive until next year, but she has already revealed the tracklisting. The Harlem rapper posted a handwritten note on Instagram with the 16 tracks including the hit single “212,” “Yung Rapunxel,” and the Pharrell-assisted “ATM Jam,” with appearances from Theophilus London, Toko Yasuda, and Kevin Hussein.
It took her three years to finish the album. “I was totally bluffing when 212 blew up. I literally had NO other material and didn’t know if I even knew how to make a body of work,” tweeted Azealia. “I did it! This is such a feat! creating a body of work has been my secret battle with myself since 17.”
She is already working on her second album, Fantasea II, and plans to drop a single from that before Broke With Expensive Taste is released.

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