A.K.A. (Deluxe)

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Jennifer Lopez / 流行 / 2014-06-17


A.K.A. (an acronym for Also Known As) is the upcoming eighth studio album by American entertainer Jennifer Lopez.

A.K.A. (Deluxe)的曲目列表

1 A.K.A. (feat. T.I.)
2 First Love
3 Never Satisfied
4 I Luh Ya Papi (feat. French Montana)
5 Acting Like That (feat. Iggy Azalea)
6 Emotion
7 So Good
8 Let It Be Me
9 Worry No More (feat. Rick Ross)
10 Booty (feat. Pitbull)
11 TENS (feat. Jack Misrahi)
12 Troubeaux (feat. Nas)
13 Expertease (Ready Set Go)
14 Same Girl (feat. French Montana) [Album Version]
15 Charades
16 Girls (feat. Tyga)

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