A Sky Full of Stars

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Coldplay / 流行 / 2014-05-05


Coldplay新专辑发布的第二首单曲,与知名DJ Avicii合作。
Coldplay has shared a new track from its upcoming record, Ghost Stories, out May 19. Listen to "A Sky Full of Stars" below. It's a coll aboration with EDM powerhouse Avicii.
This follows the previously shared tracks "Midnight", "Magic", and "Oceans".
The band has also launched a collaboration with various libraries around the world, hiding copies of Ghost Stories song lyrics in the stacks. The lyric sheets, handwritten by frontman Chris Martin and placed in envelopes, will be inside ghost story books. One set includes a "Golden Ticket" for a free trip to see Coldplay at Royal Albert Hall on July 1.

A Sky Full of Stars的曲目列表

01 A Sky Full of Stars (Radio Edit)
02 All Your Friends
03 Ghost Story
04 O (Reprise)


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