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Wussy / 摇滚 / 2014-05-13


Attica! is the 5th album from Cincinnati's Wussy, and the first to be released jointly in the US and UK. These 11 new tracks were recorded with old Afghan Whigs pal John Curley at Cincinnati's legendary Ultrasuede Studios. John Erhardt rejoins forces with former Ass Ponys bandmate Chuck Cleaver as the band's fifth member on some Dark-Side-inspired pedal steel, adding a further psychedelic element to Wussy's ever-developing swirl of noise. Attica! is the band's loudest and quietest record to date, finding Cleaver and co-leader Lisa Walker at their lyrical best and Wussy as a whole at their weirdest and finest. About Wussy: Fronted by former Ass Pony Chuck Cleaver and the previously unaffiliated and brilliant Lisa Walker, Cincinnati's Wussy is a rock band that'll remind you on the deepest level why you love rock bands. The central conceit: Submerging pristine, literate songwriting in the rumble and roar of a full band. The secret weapon: A chemistry so rare, powerful, and under-recognized it inspired Robert Christgau--America's tersest rock critic--to publish a 2,000-word love letter to ''the best band in America.'' (David Schmader, The Stranger)


Teenage Wasteland







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