Brief Lesbian

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Pairs / 摇滚 / 2014-03-24


Arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam McRae (
Vocals recorded by Laura Ingalls.
Guitar: F, Xiao Zhong, Adam McRae, Marcus Hobbs.
Drums: Xiao Zhong.
Vocals: Xiao Zhong, Adam McRae, Tom Lyngcoln.
Synth: Adam McRae.
Programming: Adam McRae.
Lyrics: Xiao Zhong, Adam McRae (I'm sorry to hear your partner wears a hat inside)
A huge thanks to Adam for being so open to the idea and being such a legend about it all. You can check out his music at
Bits and pieces recorded at The Chows (Shanghai), Boneyard (Shanghai), Spring Festival Eve (Tianjin) and somewhere in Canada.

Brief Lesbian的曲目列表

1. I used to find a girl who is engaged to a Creationist attractive until I found out she is engaged to a Creationist
2. Bloodshot (feat. Tom Lyngcoln & Marcus Hobbs)
3. Robert's cutting laps out front of Roundabout Video again (feat. Adam McRae)
4. Leipzig will have his revenge on Seattle
5. I'm sorry to hear your partner wears a hat inside (feat. Adam McRae)
6. Stickers on their chest
7. Hurry the thought

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