Nikki Nack

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tUnE-yArDs / 流行 / 2014-05-06


When tUnE-yArDs, a.k.a. Merrill Garbus, announced her new record Nikki Nack, she streamed a megamix of the album’s 13 tracks. Tucked somewhere in that audile assemblage was the whooping “Water Fountain”, which has now been released in full as the first single.
“Water Fountain” is full of tUnE-yArDs’ signature off-the-wall energy, heavy on eclectic percussion and odd little bings and zings. We know Garbus brushed up on her rhythmic training on her recent Haitian excursion, but the song’s lyrics make it seem she also left the island nation more in tune with its people’s hardships. “Nothing feels like dying like the drying of my skin and lung,” she sings, “while we just sit here while they watch us wither till we’re gone.” Not that the song is a downer by any means, with the undeniable beat and lines about cherry pies and two-pound chickens keeping things lively. Take a listen below.
Nikki Nack is due May 6th via 4AD Records. Pre-orders are now ongoing, and LPs purchased through 4AD’s or tUnE-yArDs’ websites will receive a limited edition 7-inch of “Water Fountain”.
tUnE-yArDs has also announced a massive summer touring schedule, which includes opening spots for Arcade Fire and stops at the Sasquatch!, Firefly, and Forecastle music festivals. Consult the schedule following the album art and tracklist.

Nikki Nack的曲目列表

01. Find a New Way
02. Water Fountain
03. Time of Dark
04. Real Thing
05. Look Around
06. Hey Life
07. Sink-O
08. Why Do We Dine on the Tots?
09. Stop That Man
10. Wait for a Minute
11. Left Behind
12. Rocking Chair
13. Manchild

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