Life Imitating Life

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Augustana / 摇滚 / 2014-04-22


Augustana will release a new studio album, Life Imitating Life, on April 22nd via Washington Square.
Life Imitating Life was produced by John O’Mahony (Coldplay, Metric, Kashmir) and recorded in Rhinebeck, NY and Nashville, TN. The album flips the next page for Augustana. The Southern California group’s fourth full-length album and first for Washington Square sees singer, guitarist, and songwriter Dan Layus wholeheartedly embracing Augustana’s musical touchstones, while simultaneously progressing. His own journey proves central to these ten tracks, making for a passionate, poetic, and powerful story.
Layus explains, “It felt like the right way to introduce this album and re-enter the atmosphere as an artist,” he goes on. “I put a lot on my plate over the years. I made a ton of bad decisions and many good decisions, I hurt a lot of people I cared for and loved, including myself. The song is about how it can be easy to beat up yourself. You’ve got to be able to acknowledge that who you are now isn’t defined by who you were but that it is a part of your makeup. It’s a mix of reflecting on the past as well as reflecting on the present, questioning one’s self.”
Augustana is the latest signing to the newly created label Washington Square, an imprint formed by Razor & Tie. The band joins label mates The Hold Steady, the UK rock band Deaf Havana and the New York based indie rockers Born Cages.

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