The Secret of the Sea

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Bruno Bavota / 2014-04-21


The stunning third album from the popular Italian Pianist
"The thing I love the most about Naples, my home-town, is the Sea...;and about the sea I have always loved the waves, their sound and even more their rocking movements, suggesting to me the idea of the deepest human gesture, the embrace."
The "Secret of the Sea" represents for Bavota a step towards experimentation, even if the piano is always the core of his compositions he felt he wanted to give something more. Beside the sound of the eighty-eight keys, now we find delay and reverb as in Me and You, the track where the research of himself into the sea begins.
In The man who chased the Sea the sound of the piano is accompanied by acoustic guitars producing the impression of a relentless rush that never seems to stop. If only my heart were wide like the Sea is the shortest episode but it is representative of the album as many, here the charming arpeggio of the acoustic guitar is lightly touched by the piano distantly.
Nevertheless there are also some episodes of solo piano as Les nuits blanches inspired by the homonymous book of Dostoevskij, and Plasson devoted to a character of the book Oceano Mare by Alessandro Baricco. Plasson is an artist who loved to paint the sea on a canvas just using sea water, as a consequence he illustrated oceanic landscapes on canvas that was persistently white.
The Secret Of The Sea is the artist's most accomplished album to date and a fitting addition to the Psychonavigation catalogue. Sit back turn the lights down and allow these eleven carefully sculpted pieces calm your inner self.
Live Date : January 14th 2014 @ Societaets Theater Dresden,Germany
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The Secret of the Sea的曲目列表

1.Me And You 03:43
2.Les Nuits Blanches 03:46
3.The Man Who Chased The Sea 04:27
4.Hidden Lights Through Smoky Clouds 04:11
5.If Only My Heart Were Wide Like The Sea 01:58
6.Constellations 03:24
7.Plasson 05:16
8.Northern Lights 02:58
9.The Boy And The Whale 03:49
10.The Secret Of The Sea 04:33
11.Chasing Stars 03:46

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