Shapes In A New Geometry

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In Trance 95 / 2012


Brand new music from In Trance 95, following Minimal Wave's 2011 compilation of their early work on 'Cities Of Steel And Neon' and an appearance on 'The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol.2'. It might be more than 25 years since they formed, but the Greek outfit haven't changed their tune, and thank god: their EBM-for-the-brokenhearted is a potent as ever, and in sticking to the stripped-down arrangements - synth, vocals, drum machine - that served them so well in the 80s, they've somehow managed to pull of the trick of sounding thoroughly contemporary. Fans of Cold Cave and Depeche Mode will gravitate towards the anthemic electro-romanticism coursing through 'In Gods' Heaven', while lovers of murkier gear will feel right at home with the industrial-leaning 'Triangular Square'. Other highlights come in the shape of the DAF-meets-Container thump of 'Continuum' and synth-goth opening dirge 'P.O.S.T.'.

Shapes In A New Geometry的曲目列表

P.O.S.T. 2:58
In God's Heaven 5:24
Triangular Square 8:41
Fade In And Out 3:59
Continuum 5:16
No Exceptions 3:53
Invisible Industry Of Solitude 3:22
Shapes In A New Geometry 5:28

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