Opposites Live from Glasgow

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Biffy Clyro / 摇滚 / 2013-12-10


The home game of Biffy Clyro on the recent tour was something specia , it means the part of the band , and you can hear this recording , which marks the second live album of the Scots , you can rubber-stamp this assertion confidently : The atmosphere of the gig before rappelvollem House is downright palpable – Orchestral arrangements and choirs will be negligible in front of a so euphoric audience , which is why the band’s material of momumentalen recent work Opposites ( after deduction of “A Girl and His Cat ,” ” The Fog” and “Little Hospital” is the focus on the first CD of the successful album ) did not have to rearrange great, especially since you yes always falls back on the stage on a keyboard , meanwhile, Simon Neil’s brilliant widerborstiges guitar playing ( ” sounds Like Balloons ” ) replaced anyway an army of Klampfern .
The dynamics of the program has been cleverly designed so that vigorous advances such as ” Different People ” and ” Modern Magic Formula” , one of the highlight of the concert next to the epic double from ” Stingin ‘ Belle ” and ” Biblical ” , alternating with delicate material – listen “Black Chandelier”, ” Opposite” and the touching ” the Thaw” . Out of competition are Biffy Clyro ultimately to write nigh for their ability tricky , but hittige pieces , be it the proportionate oldie “Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies ” from 2007 or “Spanish Radio” .

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Different People


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