Singles Collection Volume 3 Thee Oh Sees

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Thee Oh Sees / 摇滚 / 2013-11-26


San Francisco garage heroes Thee Oh Sees are back with another release in 2013 to follow Floating Coffin. This time, its their third Singles Collection compilation, and its out November 26 via frontman John Dwyers label Castle Face. Its got nine tracks from singles and splits, plus two live cuts (one of which is exclusive to the CD edition). Check out "What You Need", originally from the 2o11 Castle Face Group Flex book of flexi discs, above.
The LP edition is getting three different vinyl color combinations: half pepto pink and half coke bottle green or grape soda and French vanilla, or electric blue with strawberry haze.

Singles Collection Volume 3 Thee Oh Sees的曲目列表

01 Ugly Man
02 Girls Who Smile
03 Crushed Grass
04 Burning Spear
05 What You Need
06 FBI2
07 Wait Let's Go
08 Always Flying
09 Devil Again
10 Block of Ice (Live at the SF Eagle)
11 Destroyed Fortress/No Spell (Live at Death By Audio) (CD-only)

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