Little Red

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Katy B / 2014-02-03


In 2011 Katy exploded onto the UK music scene and was the most engaging breakout star seen in years. ‘Her debut album ‘On A Mission’ produced three Top 10 singles and was nominated for several awards including the Mercury Prize. Since then Katy has been growing and evolving musically. The arrival of the Danger EP late 2012 set the tone for what might come in 2013 whetting appetites and building anticipation and excitement for her second album through the early months of this year. Katy has spent those months holed up in the studio in her hometown, London, honing a plethora of awesome tracks and ideas into a finely tuned follow-up to ‘On A Mission’ she and her producer Geeneus have nothing short of nailed a stunning collection of tracks, all of them undeniable Katy B tunes which come wrapped in pop perfection and polish displaying her incredible vocal. Katy is prepped and primed, ready to shake up the musical landscape come early next year.

Little Red的曲目列表

Disc: 1
1. Next Thing
2. 5 AM
3. Aaliyah - Katy B feat. Jessie Ware
4. Crying for No Reason
5. I Like You
6. All My Lovin'
7. Tumbling Down
8. Everything
9. Play - Katy B feat. Sampha
10. Sapphire Blue
11. Emotions
12. Still
13. Blue Eyes
14. Stay Down
15. Hot Like Fire
16. Wicked Love
17. Sky's the Limit
Disc: 2
1. Little Red

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