Asta OST (Standard Edition)(韓国盤)

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梁邦彦 / 原声 / 2013-10-16


アスタ (ASTA) - O.S.T (BY ヤン・バンオン(Ryo Kunihiko)) Special Edition

Asta OST (Standard Edition)(韓国盤)的曲目列表

01. Gate Of God
02. Asa, The Capital Of Asu
03. Kitty's First Step
04. A Passing Rain
05. A Smile In The Whisper (Theme Of Arita)
06. The Wandering Beast
07. Before A Storm
08. Advance On The Heaven
09. Asa, The Capital Of Asu (Pf Version)
10. Ballads For Sorrowful Goddess
11. Trial By Fire
12. Duty Of The Crown
13. In Dreams (夢中)
14. Requiem

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