Cupid Deluxe

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Blood Orange / 放克/灵歌/R&B / 2013-11-18


After splitting with his band the Test Icicles and then recording as Lightspeed Champion, singer/songwriter Devonte Hynes switched up styles again, and began making music under the pseudonym Blood Orange. For Hynes, a cult favorite who had also worked on the side as a songwriter for some popular artists (including Florence and the Machine, Theophilus London, and Solange Knowles) and as a fashion consultant for Jay-Z’s Roccawear, Blood Orange seemed like his most streamlined project, with R&B grooves and atmospheric chillwave keyboards. The debut album Coastal Grooves was released in the summer of 2011 on Domino Records.

Cupid Deluxe的曲目列表

01 Chamakay
02 You're Not Good Enough
03 Uncle ACE
04 No Right Thing
05 It Is What It Is
06 Chosen
07 Clipped On
08 Always Let U Down
09 On the Line
10 High Street
11 Time Will Tell

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