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New Young Pony Club / 电子 / 2013-10-09


New Young Pony Club are no more - and in their place are NYPC. Because deciding to shorten their name wasnt as much a rebranding or relaunching as it was a sign of wholesale rebirth: for their 3rd studio album NYPC, recorded and self-produced in London, singer Tahita Bulmer and multi-instrumentalist Andy Spence decided to shut everything and everyone else out. Their partnership is NYPC - and their creative chemistry and shared vision is what makes NYPC their most forward-thinking and refined album so far. It Feels Like a new band in one way says Andy, talking about their decision to be a duo. But Ty and I had been writing for at least a year or more before anyone else had entered the frame - the majority of (debut album)Fantastic Playroom has already been written and recorded with just us. So it feels like we've just come back to the honest position where we've started.They began to work on 'NYPC' in early 2011. After they released their skittering single You Used To Be a Man last May they realised this was the blueprint for the rest of the album - smart, miinimal and sophisticated pop music that would be more intelligent than dumbeddown chart fodder. NYPC draws on the strengths of their last two albums but pushes it forward into new, uncharted territory proceed by the coquettish rattle and-hum of Hard Knocks.


01 - Hard Knocks
02 - Sure As the Sun
03 - Things You Like
04 - Now I'm Your Gun
05 - I Came Through for You
06 - You Used to Be a Man
07 - Overtime
08 - Play Hard
09 - Everything Is
10 - L.O.V.E.





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