Those Once Mighty Fallen

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Ildjarn/Hate Forest / 2013-09-16


Both dead bands are presented with their lost and forgotten recordings, accidentally found not so long ago. ILDJARN's songs were created in the dark year of 1994 and HATE FOREST's- during cold winter nights of 2000-2001. Now, carefully re-mixed and re-mastered this audio- terror is available first time.

Those Once Mighty Fallen的曲目列表

1. Ildjarn - Forest Crypt
2. Ildjarn - Ashes of Stars
3. Ildjarn - Birds of Misty Dusk
4. Ildjarn - Gates to Bottomless Halls
5. Ildjarn - Mountains Covered with Snow Forever
6. Ildjarn - Northern Kingdoms Fell
7. Hate Forest - Cimmerian Shadows
8. Hate Forest - Howl of Hyperborean Winters
9. Hate Forest - Sigil of the Gateway
10. Hate Forest - Crowned with Crescent Horns
11. Hate Forest - Abyss Wanderer

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