Station M.C.Ç.B.

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Möscow Çlub / Moscow Club / 摇滚 / 2013-06-10

Möscow Çlub, one of the most influential bands in the Japanese indie music scene has always challenged to do something new.
Last year, they compiled songs from still undiscovered Japanese musicians, set up their bigcartel shop to sell the fake-7 inch zine with CD-R all over the world, and created an amazingly high quality online catalog of their tote bags. Through these innovative activities, they keep trying to show us what we can do, how we can act as indie musicians in the post-internet era. And now, finally they get ready to make a vinyl LP record in their own way.
This is a campaign for the vinyl pressing.

Station M.C.Ç.B.的曲目列表

1. Opening Ceremony 3:12
2. Lizaveta 4:11
3. Peoples Potential Unlimited 2:37
4. Thinking of You 2:24
5. Letter from Six-Gamelan Syndicate 3:47
6. Daisy Miller, Pt. 2 3:31
7. Bikinikill 3:40
8. Fahrenheit 451 2:49
9. Radio Vietnam 2:57
10. Pacific 724 3:34
11. Choo Choo Train 3:12
12. Turn Groove Sounds On 4:34

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