Sub Rosa

6.9 23人评价

Mirabilis / 2008-02-12


Mirabilis - the collaborative neo-classical / heavenly voices duo Summer Bowman of The Machine in the Garden and Dru Allen of This Ascension - return with Sub Rosa, the brilliant follow-up to their 2004 debut, Pleiades. The new album mixes classical sensibilities with exotic electronics and acoustic instrumentation to complement the vocal depth listeners are familiar with from Dru and Summer. The vocals are supported with a melancholic arrangement of flute, hammered dulcimer, and live percussion mixing with multi-layered vocal stylings to invoke a range of emotional textures.
“These two sirens weave an irresistible spell of seduction with their haunting soprano vocals, and together they create a lush bed of dream-like harmonies.” - Dark Realms Magazine

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World Indifferent


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