Deep Trip

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Destruction Unit / 摇滚 / 2013-08-20


Destruction Unit are an American band formed in the Sonoran desert of Arizona. Formed by Ryan Rousseau, D. Unit was initially a synth-heavy three piece whose other members were Jay Reatard and Alicja Trout (Lost Sounds); likewise Rousseau was also in the Reatards before Jay went solo. Born out of the nucleus of the Memphis Goner Records scene and transplanted into Tempe, AZ, Rousseau has grown the band in the last few years into a full sonic assault, which now includes three guitar players (himself, Nick Nappa & Jesco Aurelius), his brother Rusty Rousseau on bass, and a 19 year-old classically trained drummer, Andrew Flores. This line-up has released several cassettes on their own label Ascetic House, a small run LP, Void on Jolly Dream and most recently a limited edition 7 on Suicide Squeeze. Deep Trip is their 1st proper studio album, produced by Ben Greenberg of The Men, Hubble & Pygmy Shrews at Vacation Island in NY. Morphine boogie for the 21st century noise addict.

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The World On Drugs


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