Shinin' On The Funk

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Cli-N-Tel ‎ / 1996


Cli-N-Tel (born Marquette Hawkins) is a hip-hop / rap artist and record producer from Compton, California. His debut album, “Shinin’ On The Funk” was released in 1996 by Dolphin Entertainment. All songs were produced by Cli-N-Tel and The Unknown DJ.

Shinin' On The Funk的曲目列表

1. Intro (Shinin' On The Funk)
2 Never Learned To Smoke
3 Make Those Endz
4 Legs Up, Booties Down
5 Mo' Juice
6 Warning
7 Studio Gangsta
8 Breaking Fools Off
9 Feels So Good
10 Station P-F-U-N-K- Interview
11 Concrete Roots
12 $wing, $wing, $wing, & ¢hop, ¢hop, ¢hop
13 The Real Story
14 Ass Up, Face Down
15 Studio Gangsta

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