We Won’t Be Shaken

7.8 29人评价

Building 429 / 摇滚 / 2013-06-04


In a time of such uncertainity the word fear has become common-place, but Building 429 is not willing to accept that mentality. We Won't Be Shaken, the band's newest recording reminds us that fear is an inhibitor of what God wants to do in our lives. With the band's signature gigantic choruses and thoughtful, bold messaging, We Won't Be Shaken is about erasing fear, standing firm and believing in a God who cannot be shaken.

We Won’t Be Shaken的曲目列表

1 Get Up (4:10)
2 Bonfire (3:28)
3 Wrecking Ball (Press On) - Blanca Callahan (2:49)
4 We Won't Be Shaken (3:56)
5 Set A Fire (3:42)
6 Revolution (4:14)
7 All I'm Holding (4:00)
8 Best and Worst (3:16)
9 Blameless (4:07)
10 All The Glory (5:26)
11 Where I Belong (3:31)

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