Chase The Ghost

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Signal Hill / 摇滚 / 2013-04-30


Signal Hill, a 4-Piece out of LA, will be officially releasing their new album, Chase the Ghost, on the 30th of April. They have, however, made the tracks available for your listening pleasure and are taking pre-orders for their limited edition 12″. I suggest you buy now, because they are going fast.
This album has a softer approach to the post-rock genre than other bands that I’m used to. That said, I really enjoyed these slower progressions on the mellow scale of the dynamical range. This is where they linger, low to the ground, like falling leafs in autumn that hover with the wind’s grace. Songs like Imaginary Friend #2 and Chase the Ghost contain a certain kind of hidden melancholia that you can’t help but feel. I can see real instances of emotion flicker through my heart when listening to these songs. The Fantastic Hours features a Vibraphone (Spread loves the Vibraphone) and is one of the more upbeat songs. In a nutshell, this album is pretty well-rounded and complete. Perfect for Vinyl, engaging from start to finish.

Chase The Ghost的曲目列表

1.The Fantastic Hours 07:41
2.Collide Us 06:39
3.Corners 06:32
4.Bauhaus Balconies 01:03
5.Van Gogh Sky 04:07
6.The Pacific Northeast 06:38
7.Imaginary Friend #2 07:23
8.Imaginary Friend #7 02:34
9.Chase The Ghost 07:39

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