Reborn From The Inferno

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Dark Ring / 摇滚 / 2013-04-08


Dark Ring is a powerhouse of ripping black metal from Guang Zhou, China. Producing a dramatic black metal sound Infused with elements of classic heavy metal guitars, blasting beats, soaring black metal vocals, mystical synths. For fans of: Cradle of Filth, Dragonlord, Graveworm, and Old Man's Child.
Dark Ring's debut full length "Reborn from the Inferno" features an 8 page full color booklet with a cover designed by the band and completed by legendary Finnish metal artist Juha Vuorma (Whiplash, Autopsy, Edge of Sanity, Kalmah, etc).
With plans to tour China and perform at national music festivals, Dark Ring is ready to ignite the southern Chinese black metal inferno!

Reborn From The Inferno的曲目列表

01. For the Elapsed
02. Dark Ring
03. World of Hatred
04. Pardon Crime
05. Recommencing
06. Glory of the Warrior
07. Unchain
08. Bleed
09. Suffering from Disaster
10. Malevolent Incubus

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