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Minotaur Shock / 2005


With an appellation apparently based on a hugely discredited US psychological shock-therapy (i.e. they put you in a room then stormed in gibbering with a minotaur mask on…), David Edwards has here culled a prime-cut from his recent ‘Maritime’ LP. With a sound that always hints at water-blistered pianos and dusty 1970’s electronics, Minotaur Shock has quite rightly earned a reputation for making (whisper it!) hard boiled Folktronica that straddles the line between Pedro, Four Tet and a Pic’n’Mix of Leaf’s finest. Always more inventive and complex than my memory suggests, the Shock opens with a rejigged version of the album cut ‘Muesli’; here resplendent in clockwork horns, Ferris Wheel melodies and shuffling (autumnal) percussion. A real goer for anyone who found their appetite pricked by Psapp, ‘Muesli’ can actually lay claim to being too short; an accusation not readily leveled at artists these days. Backed up by three new ‘uns, ‘Beau Nash’ is a an alliance of menacing electro, crescendo laced soundscapes and thrumming instrumentation, ‘Marnie’ bellies some time in the company of Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’, whilst ‘Ta’ plumps for a head-on gumbo of 80’s synths and a breakbeat buffet. Muesli; it’s good for you.(from Boomkat)


A1 Muesli (Edit)
A2 Beau Nash
B1 Marine
B2 Ta






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