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Vetch / Oct 23, 2007


Vetch's third full-length CD Osiris is the heavier, rockier companion to the alt-jazz Isis, to be released in 2008. Styles within Osiris range from folk to funk to jazz to art-punk, and influences range from Burt Bacharach to Sonic Youth. The CD is about the difficult-to-define moods and shades of feeling arising from love; it is equally about identity and the sea.
Vetch began as the alias for a solo singer-songwriter a decade ago, and has evolved into a five-piece band with several songwriters, most of whose members sing and play several instruments. Largely because the band includes a trombonist and a trumpet player, its live and studio material has come to include many old-style jazz sounds. Expanding from the folk and jazz tradition, Vetch began to take an interest in adding influences from the grunge era--when most of the members were teenagers--as well as from art-rock acts such as Sonic Youth and the Rheostatics. Osiris was born as the result of that urge.
This is the band's most personal album; unlike past and future albums, Osiris was recorded, produced, arranged, and mixed by the band. The only guest musicians are Kora's parents. Not only the band's deepest feelings but also its sense of humour come through in this ten-song album.


1 Antipodes
2 Somebody's Gotta Pay
3 Sailor's Knot Withstanding
4 This Is Our Chance
5 Ma
6 Sword and Shield
7 A Woman and a Man
8 Monogamy (has its merits)
9 Away from the Shore
10 Drift



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