White Devil's Day Is Almost Over


Neil Burrell / 2008-01-14


“there’s enough beauty and invention to mark this space cadet out as a genuine talent” Uncut
“Burrell’s music is so pastoral, his world so psychedelic, he could have been raised in a mushroom meadow.” Q
In a world where avant folk graces every mobile phone ad on the telly, Neil Burrell is a refreshing addition to the fray. (Try selling a new tariff with these tracks - we dare you). A major new talent, Burrell follows in the long lineage of weird, wonderful and truly individual artists that includes Syd Barrett, Captain Beefheart, Six Organs of Admittance, Roy Harper, Nick Drake, Meic Stevens, The North Sea and Devandra Banhart. But Neil is in a far out English pasture of his own.
White Devil's Day Is Almost Over , Burrell's debut album, offers a frosted window into his beguiling world. Recorded on a micro-budget in locations ranging from a basement in Leeds to a junkyard, the distinct lo-fi aesthetic gives White Devil's Day the feeling of a long-lost classic.
“On some songs, when I had no money to buy stands and stuff, I had to wrap the microphone cord around the main light bulb,” says Neil. “I liked the echo in that room. It had no carpet and only two chairs, and the heat from the light bulb's tag created a little buzz on one or two tracks.”

White Devil's Day Is Almost Over的曲目列表

1. Ooompa Zoompa (Four Voices)
2. One Half Asleep
3. Towards The Hills
4. Laughing Child
5. Wing To Fly
6. Fish Voices
7. Canoe
8. Junkyard Car
9. Stick Out Your Tongue
10. Jagged Smoke
11. Tangle Weed
12. Evelyn

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