A Seed Catalog For Extinct Annuals


The Deadfly Ensemble / 2008-01-18


The Deadfly Ensemble ( the solo project of Cinema Strange founder member Lucas Lanthier ) return with their second album, “A Seed Catalog For Extinct Annuals”, creating a whole new theater of art-rock possibilities somewhere between Current 93 and the legendary Virgin Prunes !
Each song is a new and wonderful story, waiting to be discovered. Fantastic musical tales of debutantes with extra limbs, twisted young financial geniuses, thirsty ghosts, shipwrecks, ogres, pirate queens and a whole host of other characters ensure that every instant, every note is rich with imagery and operatic invention.
The Deadfly Ensemble carves dramatic circles in the dusty floorboards of a shadowy attic and arranges melodies on the ancient instruments stored up there. Cello, guitars, bass, a myriad of percussion and a troupe of voices deliver this album like a series of short operettas, each infused with their own dramas, their own victories and tragedies. Discover this package of melodic worlds, this bundle of folk fables and revel in the adventure.
The album comes as a Limited, luxurious digibook including an elaborately designed and voluminous booklet with all lyrics and beautiful photos and illustrations of mastermind Lucas Lanthier himself.

A Seed Catalog For Extinct Annuals的曲目列表

01. Intro
02. Polymelia And The Satyr
03. Revenge On The Nursemaid
04. Meaty Bones And Porridge
05. The Adventures Of Jonas Mauken
06. Dirty Weather
07. Queen Maude's Pirates
08. Ursusarktos The Bachelor
09. Dishonest Corset
10. Tiny Little Things
11. Lecture : The Pre-Decimalization Monetary System For Great Britain

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