Living a Sick Dream


Age of Evil / 2007


Age of Evil这张作品看似简单其实复杂的要命,模糊中透出着杀气,听Age of Evil乐团的歌曲你应该闭住气息,深深吸一口气才能感觉到他们的力量。
Bound by blood, two sets of teenage brothers are delivering a level of electrifying talent to the world of metal that would be uncommon for any age group. With the release of their debut album Living A Sick Dream, Age Of Evil is ready to unleash their angst, brutality and metal upon the world. Combining their own fresh exciting new twist with old school metal, Age Of Evil is already recognized for a sound that rivals the majestic madness of national metal bands. With shredding guitar solos, intense vocals, driving drum beats, and thundering bass, AOE is determined to reach the top and stand the test of time. Prepare yourself to be blown away by the future of heavy metal.
"Despite the fact that the guys in Age of Evil were not even born when old school metal peaked, they seem to have an extremely firm grasp on it-even more than some of the actual veterans of the genre who are still playing it. Because of that, they have the "new/old school" sound down to a science and have considerably upped the ante for metal of the future..."
-Marty Friedman (former guitarist of Megadeth)
Sample tracks and links to purchase their music can be found on their MySpace homepage

Living a Sick Dream的曲目列表

01. Call Me Evil (Ballistic cover)
02. You Can't Change Me
03. A Call to Arms
04. Living A Sick Dream
05. The Storm
06. Land of Yours
07. Fingertips of Fate
08. Glimpse of Light
09. Dawn of A New Era
10. Eye For An Eye

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