Wilde Jaeger

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V/A / 2007-12-21


Label: Percht
Catalog#: Percht10
Format: 2 x CD, Compilation
Country: Austria
Released: 21 Dec 2007
Genre: Folk, World, & Country, Rock
Style: Folk Rock, Acoustic, Folk, Neofolk
Notes: 2-cd in digipack.
WILDE JAEGER is a unique compilation of Alpine Folk Music, Pagan Ritual Music and authentic field-recordings from the darkest woods and deepest valleys to the highest peaks of the sacred Central- European Alps, as well as of other pagan and alpine regions in Europe and the USA.
Wilde Jaeger is accompanied by an astonishing 24-page booklet, housed in a highest-quality 6-sided digipack with cover- paintings by Markus Wolff (Waldteufel).
At the end of january 2008 the SPECIAL BOX EDITION lim. 300 copies of Wilde Jaeger will appear, including a bonus 3" CD (not CDR!) with songs and field-recordings by Sangre Cavallum, Raunend, Werkraum, Jägerblut, Elli Riehl and Thelema.
WILDE JAEGER is the first part of MEN, MASKS & MYTH, which is a audio- visual project of Sturmpercht and friends, which intends to bring alpine mythology and alpine paganism to a (world)wide audience.
Part two will be a large book, to be published towards the end of 2008. Men, Masks & Myth will be a special and unique book, which will guide you to the otherworld of the Alpine myths, legends and traditions. In the German-speaking countries (and only there!), just a few dozen exceptional works about this thematic complex exist, works that are mainly characterized by their academic approach to the subject matter. Men, Mask & Myth will differ from these other publications in two main ways: First and foremost, this book will be a visual feast for the eyes and a book that stirs heart and soul. It will be less a compendium of factual details and folkloric essays and more of a collection of images that speak for themselves, of snapshots of places and times shrouded in legend. Even so, the book might even astound an initiated expert (and not only visually), for during the course of our research we have uncovered quite a few sources that have remained hidden from the probing eyes of academia. The second singular and essential aspect of the book is that it will be a bilingual German and English edition, finally making a comprehensive work on Alpine mythology available for anyone regardless of whether they have mastered the German language. Men, Mask & Myth will be a holistic, visual work with a great love for detail and the "small things" without seeming dry or academic. The book will be complemented and completed by a CD of authentic field recordings of customs and rites from the valleys and peaks of the sacred Alps. Good Luck, come in! Bad Luck, stay out! Outside the house, the Wild Hunt goes about!

Wilde Jaeger的曲目列表

01 SVARROGH - das raunend Gebirg
02 WERKRAUM - Heirre R”fe
03 SANGRE CAVALLUM - Velho, Velho
04 A MINORITY OF ONE - die Nachtschar
05 ALLERSEELEN - Rauhnachtmaske
06 HEILIGES LICHT - der Bölimann
07 WALDTEUFEL - Rabenbrot
08 SCIVIAS - Nacht und Nebel
09 HAMRAMR - Werden
10 HABERFELD - das Treiben von Wölkam
11 ERNTE - der Krampus kommt
12 TEATRO SATANICO - Altar Knotto
01 FANES - Om Selvarech
02 STURMPERCHT - das letzte Zapfenmanderl
03 MAGDALENA - a broada Weg
04 ELLI RIEHL - wildes Kraut
05 JÄGERBLUT - Klogmuada
06 HEKATE - Tannkönig
07 THE JOY OF NATURE - Persona
08 SOULSEARCH - aus alten Tagen
09 JAHRTAL - Innsbruck, ich muß dich lassen
10 FORESTA DI FERRO - Schignano
11 SagenToeterRiharcSmilesTrollFerd - Die Sennin
12 THELEMA - Bergandacht

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