Welcome To 1984


Maximum Rock'n'Roll Presents / Various Artists / 1984


"To Hell with Nationalism!"

Welcome To 1984的曲目列表

1. Terveet Kädet "Outa Maa"
2. Olho Seco "Nada"
3. Crucifucks "Annual Report"
4. Electric Deads "Fish In A Pool"
5. Inferno "Perfekter Mensch"
6. Kidnap "No S.S."
7. N.O.T.A. "Propaganda Control"
8. Icons Of Filth "Evilspeak"
9. P.I.P. "Anti Militar"
10. Skjit-Lars "Verrückt In Der Kontrol-Zentrale"
11. Rattus "Reaganin Jouluanju"
12. Raw Power "Fuck Authority"
13. Bristles "Don't Give Up"
14. Depression "What A Strange World"
15. B.G.K. "Computer Control"
16. The Stalin "Chicken Farm"
17. Frites Modern "Je Bent Een Puist In Mijn Nek"
18. U.B.R. "Harmonija"
19. Mayhem "I Defy"
20. Red Tide "Incubator Slide"
21. Moral Demolition "Police State"
22. Huvudtvätt "Where Is?"
23. Upright Citizens "Stand Up"

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