The Divine Wings of Tragedy

9.2 50人评价

Symphony X / 1999-05-04


1997 album by the acclaimed speed/ prog/ symphonic metal quintet from New Jersey. Nine tracks.

The Divine Wings of Tragedy的曲目列表

1 Of Sins and Shadows 4:58
2 Sea of Lies 4:18
3 Out of the Ashes 3:39
4 The Accolade 9:51
5 Pharaoh 5:28
6 The Eyes of Medusa 5:26
7 The Witching Hour 4:15
8 The Divine Wings of Tragedy 20:41
i. At the Four Corners of the Earth
ii. In the Room of Thrones
iii. A Gathering of Angels
iv. The Wrath Divine
v. The Prophet's Cry
vi. Bringer of the Apocalypse
a. Eve of Sacrifice
b. Armies in the Sky
c. Dies Irae
vii. Paradise Regained
9 Candlelight Fantasia 6:45

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