Amsterdam 08

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Markus Schulz / 2008-02-15


Amsterdam 07 follows in the footsteps of Miami 05 and Ibiza 06, and Markus Schulz couldn’t be happier about its origins – Amsterdam is his spiritual home thanks to the overwhelming passion of the people resident there. “I always choose cities that are dear tome for my annual mix compilation” says Markus. “I just love Amsterdam, I feel a real connection there – my friends there are likemy family. The people of Holland were one of the first to embrace and accept me and my sound, so it was the natural choice to dothe07 mix there.” Markus’ brand of dark, melodic trance is in demand the world over; his weekly Global DJ Broadcast radio showis now syndicated to over 30 stations worldwide, his shows have taken in everywhere from Australia to Russia, China to Trinidad,and many other destinations along the way, and 2008 is set to bring more dates in Australia, as well as Asia and South America.
Amsterdam 07 isa must-have album for dance fans everywhere, and comprises Markus’ top tracks from 2007 and hot tips for 2008. “I really enjoy putting the compilation CDs together,” says Markus, “they’re always a total labour of love and are in my mind all thetime. All yearI’ll hold back tracks that are just gems for the mix; I’ll play them out here and there over the summer but I’ll save them for theCD. Amsterdam 07 opens a little differently – CD1 starts quite slow by trance standards: 124 bpm, so it sets themood, similar towhen I’m playing extended sets. The atmosphere builds up so that when you get to CD2 it’s full on, middle-of-a-set tempotrance.”
Markus, who also runs his own Coldharbour label, is often in Amsterdam for club dates and regularly plays for Armada Music’s events and festivals. “I really feel part of this city, it’s so special for me” he says. “This CD is a thank youto everyone there who has supported me over the years, and I hope it becomes a special selection of tunes to everyone who hears it.”

Amsterdam 08的曲目列表

CD 1
01. Dakota - Amsterdam
02. Leama and James Davis pres. Gr - Ghettotech
03. Glenn Morrison - Blue Skies With Linda
04. Plastic Angel - Try Walking In My World
05. Lens - Beyond the Shadows (Moonbeam Remix)
06. Glenn Morrison - Rubberband
07. Rex Mundi - Sunrise In Ibiza
08. Marcus Schossow - Mr. White (Ruben de Ronde Mix)
09. tyDi - Meet me in Kyoto
10. Ketho - Silent Room
11. Supuer - Azaleus
12. Destination X - Dangerous (Gareth Emery Remix)
13. Sonic Division - If I had Wings
CD 2
01. Fulyan - Approach
02. Dakota - Progression
03. Carl & Joni - Forsaken
04. Markus Schulz - Fly To Colors (Carl B Remix)
05. Anton Chernikov - Your Burning Eyes
06. Breakfast & Mike St Jules - Only Two Should Know
07. Markus Schulz vs Andy Moor - Daydream (Coldharbour Remix)
08. Agnelli & Nelson - Sleeping in Airports
09. Bebop - Breakthrough Woodpecker
10. BEN & Mr Pit - More Manners Please
11. Enmass - Avalon
12. Kenneth - Tjonasam Formulation
13. Vision Entry - To Heaven (Benya Remix)

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