Street Swagger


Funky DL / 2007


In 2007 the legendary hip-hop recording artist "Funky DL" celebrates 10 years since the release of his debut album "Classic Was The Day"
To mark this landmark occasion, Washington Classics Music are making available 10,000 FREE!! downloads of "Funky DL's" brand new mix CD street album "Street Swagger"
This album is DL's and Washington Classics' way of giving back to all those who have supported our music over the last decade as well as inviting new listeners to capitalze on this great promtion.
"Street Swagger" is also available as a hard copy CD to which we are releasing 10,000 FREE!! units on the streets of the UK via the Washington Classics Street Team, so look out for us as we may be in your neighbourhood shortly. There will also be 7 bonus tracks available on the site which are not on the CD so we recommend you cop the download.
The FREE!! downloads will be available from February 19th 2007 and will be highly sought after so put that date in your diary and come back to bang on Midnight!!! It's gonna be HOT!!!!!!

Street Swagger的曲目列表

1. I suppose (Never Before Released)
2. What DL Stands For (Never Before Released)
3. Turn The Mic Up (Never Before Released)
4. High Alert (Duhaney Park Remix) (Remix Extraordinaire CD)
5. Life Goes On (Swagger Mix) (Never Before Released)
6. Flight 111 (Never Before Released)
7. You Know How Rock (Never Before Released)
8. Theme of a Thief (Never Before Released)
9. Number One (Never Before Released)
10. A4 (Swagger Remix) (Never Before Released)
11. I Never Mentioned Your Name (Misery Loves Company) (Never Before Released)
12. My Lyrics (Remix Extraordinaire CD)
13. Next On Line (Never Before Released)
14. High Maintenence (Never Before Released)
15. Icons (Swagger Remix) (Never Before Released)
16. The Story (Swagger Remix)
17. Live Show Interlude (Blackcurrent Jazz Album)
18. Little Mike (Street Love Album)
19. What You Saying Girl? (Blackcurrent Jazz Album)
20. The Biggest Record On The Road Right Now (Never Before Released)
21. Get Ready (Remix) (Greatest Hits Album)
22. Money (The Red Pill & The Blue Pill Volume One Mini-Album)
23. 75 (The Red Pill & The Blue Pill Volume Two Mini-Album)
24. Love Is The Only (Street Love Album)

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