The Very Best of Marc Cohn : Greatest Hits


Marc Cohn / 2006-06-20


Born in Cleveland, OH, singer-songwriter Marc Cohn will forever be associated with another great American city by virtue of his signature hit, "Walking In Memphis," one of the stand-out songs of the 1990s. The melodic, literate and dramatic masterpiece spun off his acclaimed self-titled debut album in ’91, the same year Cohn won the GRAMMY for Best New Artist. His elegant songwriting artistry shines on two more beautiful and intelligent albums, The Rainy Season and Burning The Daze. Rhino’s new collection—the first-ever retrospective of Cohn’s work—pulls favorites from his entire repertoire, including "Silver Thunderbird," "True Companion," "Walk Through The World," plus a rare live version of "One Safe Place."

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Walking In Memphis


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